How Can a Personal Grocery Shopping Service Save You Money?

Save Money, Let Someone Else Shop for You

(FinancialHealth)- Your time is valuable. Make your list, get just what you want, and save money doing it. 

When you’re faced with a huge to-do-list, it’s easy to run out of time and become overwhelmed. Unfortunately, shopping for groceries is often one of the first activities to fall by the wayside, which eventually leads to a last-minute rush trip to the store. Failing to plan ahead, however, can inflate your grocery bill and cause you to forget important items.

By using a personal grocery shopping service, you are forced to make a list, which eliminates impulse shopping while also saving time, money, and stress. Best of all? It may even help you cut your grocery budget significantly. We’ll tell you how.

How Does It Work?

So how does a personal grocery shopping service work? You’ll need internet access or the designated app installed on your smartphone. From there, choose a company and start adding items to your cart. Calculate your total, including all applicable fees, then you will be instructed on how to pick up your groceries or how they will be delivered to your door. The goal is to locate the service or store that saves you the most on the brands you trust!

Customize Your List

Something that most of us have done at one point is forgotten our grocery list at home on the kitchen counter. This can be frustrating and time-consuming as we try to backtrack everything we painstakingly wrote down. Often, the result is forgetting an important item, making it impossible to complete a meal you had previously planned out.

With a personal grocery service, you create your list in the comfort of your own home, taking as much time as you want. After you sign in, if you’ve used the service before, you can usually select favorites from previous purchases, making it even easier to create a list with your needs in mind.

Avoid Buying Unwanted Items

A quick run to the corner store or Walmart can sometimes leave you with a significantly lower bank account than before you walked in. A big bag of chips, a gallon or two of ice cream, and some Reese’s peanut butter cups will be perfect for binge-watching your next on-demand mini-series, but can wreak havoc on your budget! You can avoid buying unwanted “impulse” items when you have your grocery run planned and paid for ahead of time.

Time Is Money

We all know there are a lot of things that are a LOT more fun than grocery shopping, but saving that time can also save you money. Your time is worth more than you think it is. Using a grocery service allows you to shop on your time, whether that’s after the kids are asleep or before the house wakes in the morning or maybe you like to add a few things to a list here and there. The time you normally would have spent in the store can now be used for work, play, working out, or anything else that’s more beneficial than zig-zagging up and down grocery store aisles.

Beneficial for Certain Lifestyles

For those with a physical disability or who aren’t able to get out to the grocery on their own for whatever reason, hiring someone to shop for you privately is a good option, but it can be costly. Going through a grocery shopping company or a local store app can be a cheaper alternative. If you have a loved one that has trouble doing their own shopping, you can now help them out by ordering groceries delivered for them.

Some Top Contenders If you want to go to the grocery store and pick up your online grocery order, larger grocery chains like Walmart, Whole Foods, and Target are offering this service. Follow the instructions after your purchase about a pickup time and location and they will load your groceries for you. Companies like Instacart will shop local and deliver your groceries to your front door. Peapod and Vons are also competitive in the grocery shopping and delivery industry, but not available in every city or state.

A personal grocery shopping service offers convenience and affordability, especially if you’re a repeat customer. Because just about anything is much more important than hitting the grocery store, save yourself valuable time and maybe even a few bucks with the help of a personal shopper!

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