5 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

The Job of Your Dreams Is at Your Fingertips

LinkedIn is a social media platform all about connecting with other professionals and friends. It allows individuals to take a closer look at someone’s job history, skillset and education experience and share their own.

When on the hunt for a new job or complete career change, LinkedIn is the platform to be on. There’s even a portal to educational offerings with their online training programs. Find out why LinkedIn is a valuable source to the avid job hunter and freelancers alike.

1. Highlight Your Best Skills

The power of LinkedIn is that it allows account holders to highlight exactly what they can bring to the table to a future associate or employer. It’s an open opportunity to connect, share and display things like:

  • Previous employment history
  • On-the-job experience
  • Past and current project and campaign-related expertise
  • Past training, education and accreditations

LinkedIn allows others, especially recruiters and headhunters, to see what potential clients and employees can offer.

In addition, with paid memberships, online training courses are available for furthering skills and education.

2. More Than the Average Resume

Just about everyone has a resume available to give a potential employer at a moment’s notice (if not, you should). With LinkedIn, an online portfolio displays a photo in addition to an advanced resume and cover letter all in one. Consider it your professional landing page! The platform can be used to create a visual centerpiece for interested parties to interact with and inquire if needed.

Another benefit is that LinkedIn messages go directly to the company CEO or HR — no more getting drowned out in the fax pile or email Inbox. This means contacts are made even faster.

3. Connecting With Previous Co-Workers

Getting ahold of previous co-workers to locate a new job lead is easy with LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be used not only to reconnect but also to correspond and generate new letters of recommendation to gain a new job title.

LinkedIn lets those who are connected send private photos and messages, files and attachments. This makes it easy to get and give access to resumes and applications that much faster.

4. Follow Favorite Companies

Trying to land the perfect side gig? Just like other social media sites, LinkedIn allows users to connect and follow each other for updates and to share job leads and opportunities. LinkedIn markets companies to enhance their brand which drives in traffic for new clients. This makes it easier for job-seekers to find work fast.

Anytime employers need to hire people, they often turn to social media first before running an ad. LinkedIn is mammoth — with over 600 million users connected through their site. It’s the ultimate social media connection for job seekers, freelancers and employers looking for a specific skillset.

5. Find Jobs Faster

There are lots of ways to search for jobs online, but it can be daunting and time-consuming using multiple sites to find that perfect match. LinkedIn keeps users connected with updates and has a built-in search engine to simplify the experience. It’s a great tool for freelancers, allowing them to connect and collaborate on future projects.

Most of all, keeping a LinkedIn profile up to date is vital for personal growth. Even for those not looking for a new job, a CEO may spot a diamond in the rough and reach out for help on a future project. This unexpected surprise could land someone the career of their dreams.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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