Great Ways to Score Reading Material Cheap

( –  There’s nothing better than reading a good book. Getting ahold of the latest bestsellers and popular magazines is just a way of life for the avid bookworm. Problem is, it can get pricey, especially if you’re a fast reader.

Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs by looking for used bookstores, joining book clubs, exploring the online marketplace or generating input and feedback as an online book reviewer. You’ll be able to read more, for less with these creative options.

Used Bookstores

Searching the shelves of a bookstore is a great way to find new authors and great literature, but finding these stores in your neighborhood isn’t as easy as it used to be and new books are expensive! Many retailers can’t keep up with online giants like Amazon and eBay when it comes to new book sales.

However, used bookstores are still around both locally in some places, but online as well. Sites like Thriftbooks let you buy previously read volumes at drastically reduced costs.

Become a Book Reviewer

For those obsessed with certain book genres, they are more than just occasional readers; they become loyal followers. Being able to read a favorite book or series and get paid to do it is like a dream come true for some people.

While most authors and publishers appreciate comments on their forum or website, they also hire book reviewers to give quality feedback. Most book reviewers are freelancers and showcase certain attributes:

  • Able to write and provide valuable reviews
  • Have a blog with a decent-sized following
  • Be recognized by reputable or famous authors and fellow bloggers
  • Have a strong presence on social media
  • Do free reviews while building a solid reputation
  • Present a stellar cover letter and resume
  • Pitch services to publishers and authors

Looking to become a book reviewer? Start off small and be sure to connect with authors through social media. A lot of pop-up opportunities come up on various platforms, so turn those notifications on.

Explore the Online Marketplace

Social platforms like Facebook have an online marketplace. Craigslist is another free website to find items and services. When searching, sort listings locally to find things close by. This is a great way to find books, magazines and other reading material inexpensively or free.

Join Book Clubs

Get ahold of new releases across a variety of genres by joining a book club. You can join online or through a local bookstore. Book clubs meet up once a month or more and focus on a book and leave the platform open for discussion.

Sometimes new, local authors will offer copies of their books for free or low-cost for book club members. This is a great way to develop a new, albeit inexpensive hobby and get good reads on the cheap!

Other Places to Check Out

Books are everywhere, not just on the shelves of local retailers. Here are some other places to get free magazines, books and other reads.

  • Amazon — if you are a Amazon Prime member you get free, limited digital book downloads every month for your Kindle device
  • Local recycling center — many set aside newspapers and magazines for those interested, just don’t forget to bring it back for others to read
  • Visit the local library — a good place to start for accessing free books. Libraries also offer free online e-book access to members. Looking to purchase? Watch the calendar for their used book sales
  • Lending library — many towns have small booths scattered about that offer free books and reads for people to take. If you take, be sure to leave another book in its place

Don’t forget about used books found at thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales, where unknown treasures await.

A home that stocks up on reading material is never empty. Explore multiple ways to get a hold of favorite books and reads and keep nurturing the mind.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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