Gov. Walz Cries and Trump Replies

Gov. Walz Cries and Trump Replies

( – On May 25, George Floyd died while in the custody of Minneapolis, Minnesota police officers. His death led to nationwide protests, many of which were instantly hijacked by violent rioters. Damage to the Twin Cities as a result of those events was as extensive as it was expensive, and now, Governor Tim Walz (D) wants the federal government to help pay to fix it.

The Trump Administration responded to his request. Unfortunately, it sounds as if it’s not quite what the man wanted to hear.

Walz’s Request

Earlier this month, Walz asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to declare Minneapolis a “major disaster” zone. A little over a week later (July 10), the federal government denied the governor’s request for $500 million in aid. The state wanted to use taxpayer money to fix roughly 1,500 buildings and clean-up the city.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) celebrated the administration’s denial.

Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for riots in cities where officials virtually enabled it through their own inaction? Minneapolis’ council is still moving to defund the police, even after all the damage. In other words, it doesn’t seem as though they learned anything from the riots that took place in their city… Yet, they want the federal government to pay? President Trump’s administration isn’t falling for it.

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