Ford and GE Rescue Medical Industry

Ford and GE Rescue Medical Industry

( – Medical professionals across the country are sounding the alarm about dwindling supplies amid the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s so bad, according to Fox Atlanta, volunteers are making masks for hospitals. CNN reports that some of America’s biggest corporations are also stepping in to help.

On March 24, Ford announced it was partnering with GE Healthcare, 3M, and the United Autoworkers labor union to provide medical supplies to hospitals in need. The companies are going to make respirators, masks, face shields and ventilators.

During an interview on CNN’s “New Day,” Ford CEO, Jim Hackett, said different companies will build the specific parts they need, then Ford will assemble the tools. Hackett expects companies across the world to make hundreds of thousands of ventilators by mid-May if they scale-up.

President Donald Trump’s administration is working hard to lessen the impact of the coronavirus, but they can’t do it alone. The only way America can get through this crisis is by pooling resources and working together. That’s exactly what Ford and its partners are doing.

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