CBD Fights Inflammation

CBD Fights Inflammation
CBD Fights Inflammation

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol. It is essentially marijuana but without the effects of THC. You do not get the same high feeling and the benefits are far greater. One of those benefits is a reduction in inflammation within the body. Use CBD to fight inflammation and reduce your pain.

What is Cannabidiol

Cannabis has at least 113 cannabinoids, with Cannabidiol being one of them. It accounts for around 40% of the plant’s extract. There are limited reports of side effects with high reports of potential benefits. It does not interfere with psychological functions and has a low psychoactivity level. It can be tolerated in high amounts as well, which is much better than many prescriptions available to people regularly.

The CB2 Receptor

The body has both a CB1 and CB2 receptor, each responsible for different aspects of the system. The CB2 receptor, when activated, inhibits inflammation. Cannabinoids work to activate this receptor so any signs of inflammation are stopped in their tracks. You do not feel the typical pain associated with it, and any inflammation that does occur will be much less than usual.

CBD Dominant Strains

Many producers take out of the CBD to make their strains more potent and mind-altering. They focus on the THC aspect. Medical growers are now creating more CBD dominant strains to ensure the added benefits are received by patients. Not only does CBD fight inflammation, but a number of other issues as well.
If you suffer from inflammation, CBD may be right for you. Check with your doctor to determine if this is a possibility and see how the substance works to ease your pain and discomfort.