Becoming a Sneaker Entrepreneur

( Sometimes when you want your savings to go way up, all you have to do is look down. Way down. The answer is right at your feet.

Sneakers are what can get you this year’s six figures. You’re going to become a sneaker entrepreneur and all you have to do is resell lightly used or newly bought sneakers. Even with a deadly virus floating around, people are still just as excited to buy the sneakers of their dreams. It’s just that the marketplace has moved online, which is where you are going to make your fortune, and here’s how you going to do it:

Is Reselling Sneakers Right for Me?

A lot of people ask these types of questions when trying a new side gig. It’s understandable that one might feel a little uncomfortable going into something that isn’t familiar. Generally, if you are some who is goal-oriented, ambitious, and self-motivated, then reselling used sneakers as a source of income is something you can do. Becoming a master in the trade does take some time, experience, and knowledge. As with all new work experiences, you may have to learn some things the hard way. But if you have the determination to succeed, then you’re definitely in the right place.

Learn About Your Products

It’s a rule in business and in life that you never get into anything you do not know about. If you want to dive into the world of sneakers and sports footwear, you’ve got to learn about your market and the trends. There’s no use in spending your money on sneakers that you’re not going to be able to resell easily. The entire process you’ll be following involves your purchasing the sneakers from retailers or directly from the manufacturers and reselling them for profit. While you are doing this, it is important to keep yourself aware of what people have been complaining about, so you can be selective about the types of sneakers you’d like to buy.

Developing An Inventory 

Before the pandemic, reselling sneakers was always prominent and has expanded even more with people being locked up at home due to social distancing measures. Online platforms have become the main tool for this type of trade. You can start developing your inventory using some of the most well-known retailer apps, such as Nike SNKRS, Adidas CONFIRMED, and Adidas. People who have experience in this practice say that getting the sneakers directly from the retailer itself can be difficult because of high demand and scarce supply. There are also several other apps that you can use for your inventory, which include GOAT, ‎Sneaker Con, StockX, and eBay. Using a variety of apps is also important for checking the various pricing options and ensuring that the prices that you have are competitive.

Focus on Returns 

As a beginner, you need to focus on the sneakers that are going to get you the biggest return on your investment. You should note that your biggest return doesn’t necessarily come from the most expensive sneakers in the market. The best strategy is to prioritize moderately priced sneakers that you can get at outlets, which can easily be resold for a much higher profit. This is what will get you the numbers you need to make a profit. Make sure to use all the apps that you have to compare prices.

Be Social 

It’s important to be active in your local community and on all digital platforms. Networking is a key activity that has to become a priority if you are ever to succeed in doing something like this. On social media, being active in engaging people on all forums is of utmost importance. Not all interactions will result in a sale, but it may help you establish yourself as a credible authority for getting quality sneakers.

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