Use Etsy to Sell Your Crafts

Use Etsy to Sell Your Crafts
Use Etsy to Sell Your Crafts

(FinancialHealth) – If you’re looking for ways to make extra cash, and you were blessed with the creative gene, use Etsy to sell your crafts. The popular e-commerce site allows people from all over the world to set up shops and sell things they have personally created. Whether you make random knickknacks, personalized wedding items, clothing, or more, you can take it to the site and set up shop to see if anyone is interested in your creations.

Creating Your Shop

The first step of the process is to create your shop. You have to sign up for an Etsy account before you can do anything. The registration process is free and easy. You just enter your name, email address, username, and password and your account gets created. You then have to choose a name for your shop, preferably related to what you make. If you make wedding decor, then Betsy’s Wedding Decor would be an ideal shop name, or you can think of something a bit more creative.

Set your location and primary form of currency, preferably dollars, so buyers know what to expect. You also need to choose your payment method and set a billing method for how you will pay Etsy for their fees.

What You Can Sell

Handmade goods are not all you can sell on Etsy. While these are the primary earners on the site, you can also place listings for vintage merchandise you have that is at least 20 years old. It is no longer on the market for companies to sell, so you are within your rights to resell it on the site. You can also offer craft supplies, such as buttons, paper mache products, wood pieces, and more.

Associated Fees

There will of course be fees for you to pay. After all, you’re using the Etsy name to get your shop out there and your goods sold. It costs 20 cents for every listing you put in your store. It’s typically best when you first start out to pay for just a few listings of the best products you know how to make. As you get sales and your business grows, you’ll have the capacity to add many more listings and items. There is also a three and a half percent transaction fee for all purchases, and a payment processing fee of 25 cents plus three percent of the total sale. Set your prices accordingly so you earn a profit even after the fees get taken.

The Etsy marketplace is an ideal selling site for anyone who has a hobby creating crafts. Use the site to your advantage and start a shop to make some extra money. You may have a hit shop that draws in hundreds of customers or more, landing you a full time job making your unique creations.

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