The Best Four Rental Listing Websites Ever

( A landlord or a property manager can breathe a sigh of relief even though the National Apartment Association said that there has been a 51% turnover rate in rentals. The internet has created endless possibilities for those who want to promote their listings and land a quick deal with a prospective tenant. In this cat and dog fight to make your property stand out from many others, you will need a website that not only has a unique approach in real estate marketing but also helps you manage your rental properties and screen prospective tenants without leaving any stone unturned. Traffic may be high on many different rental listing sites, but we found that it is only four that will really help you do the job that is necessary as a landlord and property manager.


Surfing the internet, you’ll find that a lot of rental listing websites are very formal in nature, but Cozy has a unique approach in not only being user-friendly but visually appealing and fun. This website will give you the ability to manage your rental properties, promote your listings, and lease when it is needed. Having an attractive dashboard design, your listing has the ability to spread like wildfire since it can be promoted on other sites like and You’ll also be able to spread the news via email and social with the website’s sharing options. With the freedom to add as much detail as you like, you can also post imagery and descriptions of your property so that you can emphasize what makes your space unique when you compare it to all the rest!


Security is one of the most important aspects of running any rental property without any trouble and your first line of defense will always lie in having a sophisticated tenant screening process before accepting anybody who applies. In this respect, Avail tops them all since it digs into the prospective tenant’s eviction history, criminal record, employment history, and income.  Yet, by using Avail as a website for your listings, you’re not just getting an advanced screening tool, but you can also enhance your exposure since it can syndicate your listings onto other platforms, including ApartmentList,, Zillow, Trulia,, In addition, your listing can also be syndicated on social media. 

Zillow Rental Manager 

You definitely won’t regret using Zillow Rental Manager since it can definitely help you promote and manage your properties with its large variety of advanced features, made to make the user’s life easier. To post a listing, all you have to do is be sure to include the property details & imagery, mention how much monthly rent will be, and you’re all set to publish! When you use the website as a landlord, you will have to build an online profile and you will have the option of making as many changes as you like. Prospective tenants looking for a property will also be able to customize their search according to their specific preferences. 

If marketing is the game that you want to play, then is what you should be looking for, especially with the sophisticated cell phone app that this platform has. One of the key features has is that it is designed to make sure that those interested in a specific rental listing have read about all the property details before proceeding to submit their application. The website enjoys a unique level of flexibility so that the user can promote his/her property with an adequate amount of detail, including essential information about property requirements and monthly rent.

Posting a listing online has also been proven to be an easy and quick task. You’ll enjoy the added benefit that this website allows landlords to make use of tagging to get more exposure in the search results. You also have the option of doing tenant screening, rent collection, and online tour scheduling with the website’s features.

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