How To Travel Internationally On A Tight Budget

You Can Travel Internationally on a Budget

Is It Possible To Travel Internationally On A Tight Budget? — Absolutely!

Have you always dreamed about traveling internationally? While you may fantasize about your favorite destination through books and Pinterest, you can actually make it happen with a little ingenuity and savviness. Don’t let your lack of savings deter you from setting your sights on a horizon far away. There are plenty of things you can do to travel internationally on a tight budget.

Curb Airline Costs

One of the biggest international travel expenses is airfare. Finding the best deal on a ticket can seem daunting, but there are definitely ways to keep costs down. Stick to your travel budget by:

  • Researching and booking at least 70 days in advance.
  • Utilizing a less traveled airport for both departure and arrival. Major cities and tourist hubs tend to be more expensive.
  • Choosing a less popular season. Never fly during holidays or tickets may be more than double.
  • Avoiding weekend airline travel.

Don’t forget to check to see if your credit card gives you airline miles. Not all of them do, but they can take a huge chunk off of your fee if they’re available to you and you can avoid blackout periods.

Finding Economical Places to Stay

Lodging plays a vital role in your travel budget. Sites like Trivago and Momondo often list rooms hotels need to fill, which means they’re willing to give you a better rate to fill the space. If you’re willing to be a little creative with your trip, you may want to explore some other options:

  • Sites like HomeToGo allow you to rent out someone’s entire home
  • Sites like Home Exchange are great for swapping your home with another family for a designated period of time
  • Staying in a single, private room at someone’s home
  • Sharing a room or home with other traveling guests

Staying with families and meeting up with groups of travelers is a budget-savvy option if you don’t mind a shared experience. You may even be able to sight-see as a group to get discounted admission rates at certain venues.

Where to Eat When You Get There

Finding economical, safe places to eat is important overseas. Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat out at restaurants during lunch and save your leftovers for dinner.
  • Choose street vendors and food trucks. They’re cost effective and are great opportunities to try hyper-local fare.
  • Look for hotels that offer free breakfast or another meal to combine costs.
  • Ask locals for their favorite affordable recommendations.

Make sure you set a budget for food while you travel and keep that money separate from your cash for souvenirs and other incidentals. You might even want to visit the local grocery or bakery and eat at the park or on the go!
You can definitely travel the world on a budget. You just need to get a little creative and have a plan. Avoid as many unplanned expenses as possible, look for free and low-cost attractions and tourist sites, and enjoy every moment along the way!
~Here’s to Your Financial Health!