How One Man Used Personal Finance Books to Become a Millionaire

How One Man Used Personal Finance Books to Become a Millionaire
How One Man Used Personal Finance Books to Become a Millionaire

( – Countless people graduate college with no money left to their name. This sentiment was true for Grant, owner of Millennial Money. He had just over two dollars left in his account when he returned home from school. Seeing such a low balance gave him a wake up call that made Grant realize he needed to start on a better financial path. Using personal finance books, he worked toward his goal of becoming a millionaire.

Finding the Best Reviewed Personal Finance Books

The objective wasn’t to find just any book. Grant wanted to look into the best reviewed personal finance books that were well-liked by others. He searched Amazon for the highest rated options before settling on his first choice.

Your Money or Your Life

The first book Grant chose was Your Money or Your Life, written by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. He believes it is the best book on money out there. It describes the idea of thinking about the money you spend in terms of how much time it took to earn it. If you pay for an $80 meal and only earn $80 a day at work after taxes, it means you spent eight hours of your life making the money for that meal. When you put things into perspective like that, it makes you see which expenses are worth that kind of time.

Saving Half Your Income

You can’t become a millionaire if you don’t have any money saved. You would have spent it all, leaving your account empty. By saving half your income, you still give yourself cash to handle expenses, but you also start racking up a savings so you have money accumulated for later on down the road. Grant recommends saving at least 40 to 50 percent of your money so you stockpile your earnings quickly.

360 Personal Finance Books

Not only did Grant read Your Money or Your Life, but also another 359 books on top of that. He selected all of the most well-rated personal finance books and read up on all of them over a few years time. He has used all of the knowledge he gained from reading advice from the experts to become a millionaire and grow his business.

Ready to start saving and thicken your wallet? Get on your reading glasses and learn the same tricks Grant found from the best personal finance books on the shelves.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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