Funeral Services …Brought to a New Level

Funeral Services... Brought to a New Level

( – On May 27, Johns Hopkins reported the deaths related to COVID-19 passed 100,000 people. The number of people losing their lives has obviously resulted in a lot of funerals. Unfortunately, the pandemic is also making it hard to hold traditional services.

Planning a funeral during the coronavirus outbreak is incredibly difficult. In fact, when one of my own loved ones died in March, our family opted for cremation, and we’ll hold a celebration of life when restrictions lift. Other families like mine are holding virtual funerals. Business Insider recently shadowed deathcare workers in New York City to see how the industry is changing the way Americans mourn:

A survey by a consulting firm for the memorial service industry, The Foresight Companies, recently found funeral directors are changing the way people can plan the celebrations. For example, they’re listing prices online and allowing streamed services.

Only 26% of the poll’s respondents felt attending services in person was important. Prior to the pandemic, that number was 42%. Additionally, the number of people who believe they should plan their own memorial in advance has risen from 50% to 73%.

Whether the changes to the industry will last beyond the pandemic remains to be seen. One thing is certain, COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the way Americans celebrate and mourn the lives of their loved ones.

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