7 Ways You Make Coronavirus Look WEAK

7 Ways You Make Coronavirus Look WEAK

(FinancialHealth.net) – Coronavirus fears are at the forefront of people’s minds across the country. It’s important that everyone take the virus seriously and protect themselves. However alarming it may be, consider what you’ve already lived through.

  1. You survived secondhand smoke while careening down the road with the windows up and no seatbelts on. Remember when doctors said smoking was so safe? Even pregnant women puffed away.
  2. That park equipment you played on as a kid. With no safety standards! C’mon, tell us… how many times did YOU get flung off the merry-go-round?!
  3. You ate sugary cereal in the morning and chewed sweet gum in the afternoon. Of course, you burned off all that energy on chores and outdoor play, and your mouth also got a good flushing every time you drank from the garden hose.
  4. Every day you hopped on your bike without a helmet or knee pads and rode until the streetlights came on without a care in the world (other than riding through someone’s well-tended lawn or getting home AFTER the streetlights came on).
  5. Kids these days have to apply sunscreen all the time, but you managed to survive a childhood largely free of that greasy goo. Maybe it was all the dirt you played in that protected you, or maybe fading tan lines were just another sign that summer was over.
  6. Forget the coronavirus; you survived slicing your finger and a friend’s then rubbing them together to become blood brothers for life! (No take-backs.)
  7. Oh my gosh, don’t forget that nasty Mercurochrome stuff your mom put on every cut and scrape. It burned worse than the original injury, and we still aren’t sure if that was for medical purposes or to keep us from running in and out for every minor cut or bruise we got in the course of the day.

You managed to live through all of that, so chances are you’ll be okay now if you take the proper precautions. Remember, 80% of all COVID-19 cases are mild.

Put this social distancing time to good use. You can finish that book you’ve been putting off or get use of that Netflix subscription you’ve had for years. Instead of going out and spending money, sort through the clutter in your house for things you can sell at a garage sale when this is all over. You can become acquainted with your computer and learn to video chat with your family. Use this time to relax and figure out what you want to do when the world goes back to normal.

And if you aren’t sure how to do some of that or just want to learn more about the clean fun you can have with your internet access, ease your boredom with a call to your grandkids, who will likely introduce you to a whole new world.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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