3 Ways to Make Money through Amazon

How To Save Money On Amazon

Smart Quiz! Which Company Offers Ways to Make Money From Home as Well as With Your Vehicle?

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  • Amazon

Answer: Amazon
You might know some great ways to save money by shopping on Amazon, but did you know you can also make money on this platform? Here are a few options we recommend you check out.
1. Work for Amazon Flex
Flex is Amazon’s very own delivery service, specializing in fulfilling Prime Now orders. If you’re 21 or older and have your own vehicle and an Android smartphone, you can earn $18-$25 per hour. Your schedule is completely up to you — use the app to select the times you want to work each week, and you’re all set.
Unfortunately, this system is only available in some cities for now. If you don’t live in one of their current locations, you can sign up to be notified when Flex becomes available in your area.
2. Join Amazon Associates
You can earn advertising fees of up to 10% by signing up (for free) with Amazon Associates. You will be able to create affiliate links to Amazon products, which earn you money whenever someone purchases products using your link. The Associates program also has a Bounty program, which earns you fixed amounts of up to $25 for referrals.
If you have a personal website, you can monetize it by supporting native ads, or even embed your own Amazon store in your site — a great way to supplement your income from sales with hardly any additional work.
3. Sell on Amazon Handmade
Are you crafty? Amazon has a marketplace for homemade and custom items. Simply fill out an application, including images of your product(s) and workspace, and you could be selling in as soon as in one week.
Many sites for homemade products have restrictions on what counts as “handmade,” and Amazon is no exception. Your products must be made entirely by hand. Hand-modified or assembled count, as long as it’s not from a kit. If you are a small business owner with twenty or fewer employees, an employee can be the artisan, and if you represent a collective, you can sell products made by members (provided the collective is/has fewer than 100 members).
The referral fee on each item sold is 15% (minimum $1), so price your goods accordingly. Your registration includes a free Professional selling plan with Amazon, and as long as you sell fewer than forty non-handmade items per month, subscription fees are waived.
If you have a website for your creations, you can stack Amazon Associates and Amazon Homemade by directing your web traffic to your Amazon sales page.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!