$1M Treasure Hunt in Michigan

$1M Treasure Hunt in Michigan

(FinancialHealth.net) – The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging and, unfortunately, it’s causing businesses to close their doors for good. One of those companies is J&M Jewelers in Michigan. But the store is doing something pretty cool before it shuts down.

Johnny and Amy Perri buried $1 million in antiques, silver, jewels, engagement rings, coins and gold around Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. People who register as Treasure Quest hunters can begin looking for the goodies starting August 1. The couple says each of the treasure troves is worth roughly $4,000 and a GPS tracker is attached to it.

The jewelry store was open for 23 years before the coronavirus lockdowns killed it. The prize for the first hunt is about $4,200 worth of pure silver, and the person who finds it will be able to sell it back to Johnny Perri or keep it.

The treasure hunt sounds like a lot of fun. It’s unfortunate that such an incredible event is taking place because the store is going out of business. The coronavirus pandemic is doing a number on our small businesses. It’s such a shame when it takes out one owned by such adventurous people.

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