Why Some Cities Riot and Others Recover

Why Some Cities Riot and Others Recover

(FinancialHealth.net) – Shortly after states started reopening their economies, the country was rocked by violent riots. That left many Americans wondering how the damage would impact the economy in the cities where the unrest was taking place. One of President Trump’s economic advisors, Peter Navarro, has answers.

During a June 7 interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Navarro said the COVID-19 recovery is “in full swing.” However, major cities aren’t seeing a recovery like rural areas. The president’s economic advisor compared Maine, where employers are creating jobs across the state, to Washington, DC.

The nation’s capital is an economic mess and a “burned-out shell,” according to Navarro. He went on to say China is partly to blame for the unrest in the US because of the coronavirus.

Navarro believes President Donald Trump will get the country’s economy back on track. He can’t do it alone, though. The officials in cities like Washington, DC need to put their political agendas aside and help. Millions of Americans are going to be in big trouble if that doesn’t happen.

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