Which Home Delivered Meal Kits are Most Popular?

Which Meal Kit Delivery Service Is Right For You?

(FinancialHealth.com)- With so many events and activities consuming modern families these days, sometimes it’s a challenge to get everyone around the table for a home-cooked meal. Grabbing fast food isn’t healthy and grocery shopping can be time-consuming. An alternative to check out is a home-delivered meal kit service. There are a few to choose from, so how do you know which one is best for your family? We’re here to help you decide.

Why Choose A Home Delivered Meal Kit Service?
The biggest advantage of using a meal kit delivery service is convenience. If you have a busy life and want to take the guesswork out of meal planning, a kit is a viable choice. If you have specific dietary needs, one company may appeal to you more than another.

Meal kits also save on food waste, because they include just enough of each ingredient for the number of servings. Food choices and prices vary per company, so it’s best to do a side-by-side comparison. We broke down the different companies so you can take a look at one that matches your interests and needs.

Blue Apron
Looking for a home-delivered meal kit that has quality ingredients you can tailor to your needs? Blue Apron may fit that bill. Greek Chicken and Farro Salad. Broccoli and Ricotta Cannelloni. Yum! They offer fresh, sustainable, non-GMO, and hormone-free food choices. The company’s goal is to give you fresh meal kits with everything you need to make a healthy and easily customized meal without having to run to the store.

If you or a family member have dietary restrictions or concerns, Blue Apron will plan a meal with that in mind. Vegetarian or pescatarian? You’ll get recipe choices to help meet those requirements. Simply order the monthly subscription service and then select meal options on the app or website. They have four main subscriptions, including:

  • Two-Serving Signature
  • Two-Serving Weight Watchers Freestyle
  • Vegetarian
  • Four-Serving Signature

Choose what foods you want delivered, and you’ll receive a custom recipe to make that specific meal. All for under $10 per serving.

Sun Basket
If you’re into meal planning, you know the main benefit is you always know what you’re going to eat! Sun Basket offers a similar benefit because you get to choose and plan what foods you want to be delivered for the week. Sun Basket stands out from competitors because all foods are 99 percent organic and 100 percent non-GMO. It prides itself on its healthy, clean eating meal options; no high-calorie junk food here. If time is a factor after work and you just want to come home and have everything ready to prepare and a healthy meal, Sun Basket can deliver!

Home Chef
After a long day, “what’s for dinner?” may be the last thing you want to think about. That’s where Home Chef comes in. It’s like having a professional chef at your fingertips helping you plan your meals for the week. Home Chef works like other home-delivered meal kits in that you choose the foods and meals you want. Home Chef is one of the cheapest home-delivered meal kits, starting at just $4.95 a meal! Once you sign up you can tweak your orders at any time.

Plated meal kit plans are customized to how many people you may be feeding. Maybe you only need it for you and your spouse one week and for a small dinner party for four the next week. You can also get plans for more people through the customer service department.

Plated allows you to switch up and mix and match your meal choices depending on what your plans are for the week ahead. You get a healthy variety along with easy-to-follow recipes to cook up fast.

People choose meal kits based on convenience, price, and the overall variety of food options. Whatever your reason for changing things up a bit, there are several meal kits to choose from based on price and preference. Save time scouring the grocery store aisles and wow everyone with a delicious entree tonight!

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