What Services Can a Home Health Aide Offer You?

What Services Can a Home Health Aide Offer You?
What Services Can a Home Health Aide Offer You?

Smart Quiz: What Services Can a Home Health Aide Offer You?

  • Personal Care
  • Diagnosing Diseases
  • Holistic Care Services
  • Administering Medications

Answer: Personal Care

Struggling to meet personal care needs is something that many individuals deal with daily. Do you have a loved one that lives alone who would benefit from additional help? Or maybe you could use a hand every now and again. If so, hiring a home health aide may improve your quality of life. Read further to find out what a home health aide can offer you or your loved one.

Why Choose a Home Health Aide?

A home health aide helps to meet the personal care needs of the individual in the comfort of home. If you or your loved one is aging, chronically ill, recovering from a medical condition, or disabled, having an aide come in can make it easier to thrive in a home environment. Home health aides are commonly hired through agencies, but you can hire individuals independently as well. There are several basic services they can provide.

Assist with Personal Care and Basic ADLs

ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) are the regular activities most people do daily without outside assistance. There are six main ADLs. They include being able to eat/feed oneself, the ability to bathe, the ability to dress, transferring from bed to a chair and moving around, using the bathroom, and continence issues. You may want to consider hiring a home health aide if you or a loved one struggle with personal care. The aide who comes to your home will discuss your ongoing needs and at what frequency they are needed (daily, weekly, etc).

Prepare Home Environment for Accessibility

In addition to basic personal needs, IADLs or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living may also be incorporated into the services. It’s important for the home to be a thriving environment that nourishes the patient. Home health aides may also provide:

  • Meal prep
  • Bed making
  • Communication assistance
  • Light housekeeping, such as vacuuming and dusting
  • Clearing walkways to prevent fall barriers
  • Running errands
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments

Keep in mind, not all home health aides will perform tasks above traditional ADLs. Those that do may charge an extra fee. A full list of tasks will be outlined during an introductory meeting before aides begin coming into the home.

Relief from Caregiving Duties

Caring for a loved one who is chronically ill or unable to care for themselves alone can be emotionally and physically exhausting.  A home health aide may offer respite services where they stay with you or your loved one for a designated period of time so the caregiver can take a much needed break to prevent burnout. This can be once a week or as needed, depending on their schedules. Caregivers can use this time to run errands, go to the doctor or take personal time for themselves.

Finding a Home Health Aide

Finding a home health aide can be as easy as talking to a friend or loved one, but should also involve understanding the exact needs of the person who needs assistance. That’s why a good place to start might be with their physician, to find out what needs should be addressed and any possible references they have to offer. Remember, a home health aide is not there to perform medical duties, but they do need to be trustworthy and physically able to perform the tasks. You might check with your local Council on Aging, nursing home or even reach out to friends who have gone through this experience. If you’re hiring an individual rather than going through an agency, be sure to do a background check and a thorough interview before hiring them.
Some people have temporary needs after a surgery or illness while others find they have long-term needs as they age. The first step is acknowledging that your family needs help. Setting up a consultation with a home health aide services company or individual is a great start to your peace of mind when it comes to caring for yourself or a loved one.
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