Turning Down Work? No Unemployment for You

Turning Down Work? No Unemployment for You

(FinancialHealth.net) – When Congress and President Donald Trump passed the CARES Act, they made sure the law boosted unemployment benefits. There’s now a concern some Americans will turn down jobs in favor of sitting at home and collecting aid from the government. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin isn’t going to let that happen.

On May 19, Mnuchin said small businesses that received aid from the Payroll Protection Program should tell state unemployment offices when they begin asking employees to come back to work. If workers turn the jobs down, they’ll no longer be eligible to receive unemployment benefits under the CARES Act.

States and the federal government are already dealing with a massive spike in unemployment related fraud, so they don’t need to lose money to people who want to milk the system as well. These benefits aren’t meant to be a financial windfall. They’re supposed to help people who are actually in need. So, if someone is offered their job back, they need to get up and go to work.

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