Trump’s Economy Continues to Pay Off For Blue Collar America

Trump's Economy Continues to Pay Off For Blue Collar America

( — According to new numbers, President Trump’s economy has remained incredibly strong for workers across America. The US jobless rate fell again, and the number of unemployment claims filed is at an almost 50-year low.

“Layoffs remain at their lowest, as a share of the workforce, since the data were first collected on their current basis in 1948, so it’s reasonable to think the fear of job loss right now is very low.”

– Chief Economist Ian Shepherdson.

In the last month of 2019, roughly 160,000 new jobs were added in the US. Basically, not only are there plenty of jobs available for those who need one but employers, by and large, are keeping their workforces intact. The exception, of course, is the seasonal jobs that were lost but the new figures were adjusted to reflect that.

The news, in conjunction with the thriving stock market, is great for the average American. Jobs are readily available, and retirement funds are doing well. Not a bad way to start the new year.

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