How Americans Benefit From Trump’s Booming Economy

Trump’s Economy Causes Big Bang for Baby Boomers

( – President Donald Trump’s economic gains have been great for many of the American people. A lot of Americans aren’t nearly as concerned with the economy, or even their current financial circumstances, as they were with the past presidential election. Instead, many Americans are doing extremely well as a result of the president’s policies.

Middle-income households have seen their wealth increase three times faster than the top 1% of earners. People who were born from 1946 to 1964 claimed about $10 trillion, or two-thirds, of the wealth gains. That, coupled with skyrocketing 401(k)s, means older Americans are, by and large, in a great position as they leave the workforce thanks to Trump’s “blue collar boom.”

The rest of the country is benefiting too. Unemployment is hovering near a 50-year-low. The stock market is experiencing record profits. Mortgage rates are down, leading to investment opportunities for some people and first-time home purchases for others. Fifty-nine percent of the American people feel they’re more financially stable than they were a year ago:

There’s no doubt the American economy is in a great place right now. This is also exactly what Trump wants as he campaigns for reelection. Imagine the vast amount of wealth increases that could be seen if the president is given another four years.

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