Trump to Suspend Chinese Flights

Trump to Suspend Chinese Flights

( – The US-China relationship was severely damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our government is even investigating whether the virus, which has killed more than 111,000 Americans as of June 6, began in a Wuhan lab. President Donald Trump is now responding to a policy that’s been hurting airlines.

The US government plans to stop Chinese airlines from flying into US airports. The restrictions, which will take effect on June 16, are reportedly a response to the communist country’s policy to refuse US carriers access to their pre-COVID-19 routes.

The US Department of Transportation’s order said they hope the Chinese government will “adjust its policies” to improve the “situation for US carriers.” If the officials in Beijing make the right decisions, the Trump Administration will “revisit the action.”

President Trump has made it clear to China that he is not going to allow them to walk all over America. He ran on this in 2016, and he has certainly kept his promise. It’s unfortunate the Communists in Beijing still don’t grasp how serious he is.

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