Trump Pulls Plug on Power Grid Attacks

Trump Pulls Plug on Power Grid Attacks

( – President Donald Trump is trying to keep the US safe during an unprecedented time in history. Not only is he dealing with one of the worst pandemics since the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak, he’s also worried about cyberattacks. The last problem is why he issued an executive order on May 1 to defend the power grid.

The president issued an executive order calling the “unrestricted” supply of electric equipment by foreigners an “unusual and extraordinary threat to national security.”

Trump went on to restrict equipment made, supplied, developed and designed by companies under the control of foreign adversaries. The commander-in-chief also established a task force in the executive order that will protect the US’ power grid from attacks, including cyberattacks, by our enemies.

The president’s move ensures America is safe from enemies who want to attack the country. An assault on our power grid would be devastating. It’s called the “nightmare scenario” because it would impact everything from hospitals to gas stations. Electricity touches nearly every aspect of our lives. By issuing this executive order, Trump is making it much more difficult for the nightmare to become a reality.

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