Trump Helps Those in Need

Trump Helps Those in Need

( – The economic damage from the COVID-19 pandemic is vast. President Donald Trump has spent a lot of time trying to find ways to help people who are suffering as a result. On June 9, he announced even more aid was going to those in need.

President Trump said he’s giving nearly $3 billion in emergency grants to fund programs that aid people who are or at risk of becoming homeless.

That’s not all. The president also took to Twitter to announce aid for the Utah Transit Authority.

Funding public transportation is critical because that’s how millions of Americans get to and from work. By funding Utah’s transit system, the president is making the recovery a lot easier.

The aid for both of these programs will go a long way toward helping America recover. COVID-19’s damage is extensive, but with the right leader, we can bounce back from it and make America great again.

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