Trump Claims Terrorist Organization Driving Violence

Trump Claims Terrorist Organization Driving Violence

( – Riots erupted across the US over the weekend after opportunists took over peaceful protests for their own personal gain. Americans, including President Donald Trump, watched in horror as it unfolded. After seeing businesses torched for days, the commander-in-chief announced his administration was taking a step toward curbing the violence.

On May 31, President Trump tweeted that the US is going to label Antifa a terrorist organization.

Antifa, which stands for anti-fascists, is a far-Left organization that often attends protests and proceeds to wreak havoc wherever it’s at. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke to “Fox & Friends” on June 1 about the president’s decision to label the group a terrorist organization:

Before the group attends a protest, they extensively prep by recruiting medics and raising bail money. They have no interest in peacefully protesting. It’s about time someone stopped them. The law-and-order president is the perfect person to do it.

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