Trump: China Will Pay for COVID-19 Fallout

Trump: China Will Pay for COVID-19 Fallout

( – There’s a lot of anger directed at China for the way it’s handled the COVID-19 outbreak. The United States is even investigating to see if the virus was created in a Wuhan lab. President Donald Trump is now saying there are ways to “hold them accountable.”

During the April 27 coronavirus update, the president said he’s investigating China for the outbreak. He said the US “is not happy” with the communist country and believes the virus could’ve “been stopped at the source.” Instead, it spread across the globe.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) praised President Trump for his comments.

The president isn’t the only US official who wants China to pay. Two states, Missouri and Mississippi, are suing the country.

The US probably won’t know the exact origins of the virus for a long time. However, we do know the Chinese government concealed the extent of the outbreak. Had the American government known sooner, we may have been able to prepare for the pandemic better. Could that have led to fewer deaths? That’s certainly a possibility.

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