Trump Boosts Employment at Home

Trump Boosts Employment at Home

( – Every year thousands of immigrants enter the US with guest worker visas to supplement our workforce. During a time of high unemployment, however, it makes sense that we wouldn’t need as many people coming into the country. That’s why President Donald Trump is making changes.

On June 22, the president issued an executive order (EO) freezing new temporary work visas. He also extended the suspension of green cards until 2021. Trump’s new EO explains the coronavirus has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, and although the unemployment rate is getting better, he still wants to protect jobs for those who need them.

The children and spouses of US citizens won’t be impacted by the new rule. Trump’s primary focus is saving jobs, and it looks like that’s what this will do. According to NPR, the administration expects to retain 525,000 jobs as a result of the order.

Once again, Trump is working to protect those on American soil.

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