Top GOP Officials Demand CA Return Federal Money Being Used In Pro-Biden Scheme

In September, Republican members on the House Oversight Committee started looking into a massive contract California awarded to a public relations firm, SKD Knickerbocker (SKDK), that did work for Joe Biden’s campaign. The GOP said they had questions about how the state awarded the contract. The lawmakers conducting the probe made a shocking demand recently.

On December 15, House Oversight Committee Republicans sent a letter to CA Department of Finance Director Martin Bosler demanding the state return the federal funds spent on the PR firm. The lawmakers said the state used “taxpayer money to enrich political allies” and should “immediately return” the funds to the federal government.

The state reportedly awarded the contract in question to SKDK in a closed-door meeting. Republicans called the relationship between the state, company and Biden campaign a conflict of interest.

This is the kind of dirty, swampy political nonsense that makes voters feel like they can’t trust the government. It has to stop.

Thank you to our friends at UnitedVoice for contributing this piece.