This Might Mean Hearing Loss in Your Loved One

This Might Mean Hearing Loss in Your Loved One

Tune Into Hearing Loss by Taking Note of These Symptoms

Hearing loss — whether mild or severe — affects nearly one-third of seniors between the ages of 65 and 75, and approximately half of the senior population over 75. It’s a common symptom of aging, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. It’s entirely possible that your loved one hasn’t even noticed their hearing loss and it’s up to you to recognize the signs. Whether it’s missing social events, not responding to conversation directed their way or increased volume levels on the radio and television, there are symptoms that stand out that can ensure you get them the help they need.

Missing Social Events

If your loved one is a constant presence at family gatherings such as birthday parties, celebrations and holiday events, their absence is likely to be a red flag. It’s not that they’re no longer interested, it’s more than likely that they didn’t hear the invitation. If this starts happening more frequently and there’s no chance it’s related to memory problems, it could be time for a hearing test.

Failing to Respond

Missing conversations — whether it’s failing to notice someone is talking or missing key points — is another sign that your loved one may need hearing aids. If they don’t respond when you call them or continually ask you to repeat a statement or question, be sure to mention this to their physician. They might also give odd answers to questions or say things that don’t make sense in the context of the conversation because they aren’t clearly hearing what’s being said.

Increasing the Volume on the Television and Radio

When a person’s hearing declines, they’re more inclined to turn up the radio or television so they can hear the music or speech. While it may not be a significant change to them, it can be jarring for those who unsuspectingly walk into a room or get into a car with the volume cranked. This warrants a visit to the doctor who can administer a hearing test and determine if your loved one is losing their hearing.

While it’s a common sign of aging and can cause depression, hearing loss doesn’t have to be a hindrance to your loved one’s life. Make an appointment with their doctor and have them fitted for hearing aids, if necessary. Recognizing the symptoms early on means they don’t have to suffer for long and they can get right back in the thick of things.

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