This Keeps Your Passwords Safe and Secure

This Keeps Your Passwords Safe and Secure

LastPass: All of Your Passwords, All in One Place

Secure passwords are important to keeping private information safe from identity theft. Unfortunately, the characteristics that make one hard to guess, like avoiding common words and using random numbers, letters and symbols, also make them difficult for users to remember.

So, what is the best way to keep track of this information? Written lists are easy to misplace. Resetting login information each time it’s forgotten is tedious. Linking accounts with social media might work for some sites, but isn’t an option for financial institutions and many other secure accounts. So what’s left? LastPass is a simple way to keep passwords safe, all in one place.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager that allows users to store their passwords online, without worrying about their information being stolen or lost. It’s actually a plug-in, which means it installs into your web browser.

This organizational tool doesn’t just store passwords, it can also be used for credit card numbers and shipping addresses. Users create a single password, one that’s secure but won’t be easily forgotten. Then, that password is used to access all other information stored on LastPass.

Is LastPass Really Safe?

Storing private information online might seem risky, but the creators of this service thought of everything when it comes to keeping their user’s information secure. Not only is all data encrypted, LastPass uses regular audits to double check that their security methods are working to safeguard users against web crimes such as identity theft.

How to Get Started

Once LastPass is installed on a web browser or device, it’s fairly simple to use. Users are prompted to create their Master Password, which won’t be stored on the app so it must be written down somewhere safe.

Then, each time a user logs in to a service or website for the first time, LastPass prompts them to store that information in the plug-in. As long as the user keeps the plug-in installed, it continues to record private information for safe-keeping.

Since this basic service is free, it’s an easy and affordable way to remember all of the important passwords in your life.

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