This Is the Best Way to Prevent Theft While Traveling

This is the best way to prevent theft while traveling.

Get Security and Peace of Mind With Identity Theft Alerts

The last thing anyone wants to worry about is being stranded somewhere far from home without access to cash or credit. Unfortunately, theft is prevalent in every corner of the world. There are several ways to prevent theft on the road, but utilizing identity theft alerts is one of the best ways to stay protected while away.

Main Benefits of Identity Theft Alerts

Time is of the essence when bank and credit accounts have been compromised. That’s where an identity theft alert can be a saving grace and prevent thieves from wiping out a bank account, or two. This is even more important when traveling because a drained account makes it difficult to get home.

Alerts via phone call and text can be the quickest and therefore most beneficial allowing the cardholder to quickly respond and shut future transactions down. Add a backup number in case your phone gets stolen, too.

Remember, when an account has been breached it can take time for resolution and reimbursement. Have a backup plan such as an extended line of credit or an additional backup card to use until arriving back home.


Set up Alerts Before Leaving

Before venturing out to travel, it’s important to make safety a number one priority. This starts with contacting your credit card company or bank prior to leaving. Let them know where you will be traveling so they don’t suspect suspicious activity on the card. Some banks will shut the account down if they think it’s been compromised. This can be embarrassing should the card get declined. This is even more important when traveling internationally.

Have a Backup Plan

When going out of town, it’s often best to have a backup in place should a card get lost or stolen.

  • Keep enough cash on hand for gas and transportation to get home
  • Write down bank and credit card contact information and keep it locked in a safe in your hotel room, in case your wallet gets stolen
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  • Store personal passwords and login information on a protected online cloud account
  • Stash some cash in your hotel room lockbox for safekeeping

Having secondary plans can save stress and hassle should money be lost or if a credit or debit card should fall into someone else’s hands.

Tips on Having a Safe Trip

Knowing that someone has invaded your private information or stolen your identity can feel devastating. It only takes seconds for a thief to scan cards in a non-RFID protected purse or wallet. To avoid someone targeting you while you are away, be sure to:

  • Avoid posting your travel plans on social media
  • Buy an RFID-protected wallet to block thieves from accessing account numbers
  • Don’t open a new credit card over an unsecured network
  • Monitor your credit report while you’re away and scan your account for any unauthorized charges
  • Wear a money belt under your clothing to avoid pickpockets

Being vigilant on any expedition is important. Whether traveling nearby or halfway around the world, it’s good to stick to the same basic safety precautions.

Finding out your money or identity has been stolen can happen at any time. But don’t let the thought of theft prevent you from living in the moment and enjoying the trip. Being prepared ahead of time can bring peace of mind while enjoying your time away.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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