These Perks Make Active Senior Housing Super Interesting

Senior Housing Community Perks Make Life Interesting

The Right Perks Can Make or Break a Senior Housing Community

Active seniors may find that being at home after retirement isn’t as fulfilling as they thought it would be. One option to combat those feelings is to move into a senior housing complex. Senior housing can offer more than you might imagine, including activities and fun events on-site or nearby. With countless amenities and services, as well as fellow residents nearby, seniors can socialize and explore with friends. How about Vegas-style gaming in an onsite game room? We’ll point out some senior housing perks below that you might find extra appealing.

Resort-Style Amenities

Some senior housing units are going the extra mile by offering resort-style homes. This can feel like being away on a permanent vacation. Bungalow-style rooms and condo-style apartments overlook golf courses, beaches and pools — offering a sense of relaxation. Depending on physical and social activity needs, there are options for places that offer:

  • Tennis courts
  • Golf courses
  • Poolside cabanas, heated pools and/or hot tubs
  • Pickleball, shuffleboard, racquetball and various outdoor activities
  • Spa and beauty treatments
  • Social hour, events and entertainment
  • Private dining rooms
  • Boutique shops and theaters

Game Rooms

For those who enjoy weekly visits to the casino or playing cards with friends, some senior housing complexes even offer gaming activities. Some of those even have designated rooms for Vegas-style gambling fun, billiards and card tournaments. Seasoned card players or those who just want to try a few games with new friends can sometimes find a location offering surprising options.


One possible benefit of moving to a senior housing complex is that many rooms or apartments are accessible to those with mobility challenges. If medical procedures require healing time, spaces will already be accessible for showering and to encourage ongoing mobility. Many complexes even have medical staff on-site or that visit frequently, so seniors may not have to travel far for routine healthcare.

Location, Location, Location!

Senior living homes are often located close to amenities or near larger cities. This can give retirees a place to relax and enjoy life while also being close to doctors, stores and activities. Homes may also be near, or on, a golf course or tucked beside a lavish botanical garden. Gorgeous properties are often in high demand!

Senior housing now includes more options than ever. For people looking for some excitement to go with an active lifestyle, one of these complexes might be just the ticket.

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