There Are Several Perks to Seniors Having Roommates

Improve Your Quality of Life With a Companion

As an older adult, living independently has many perks but one thing’s for certain, it can be lonely at times. One option is to get a roommate. Someone sharing the same residence can provide companionship, relieve financial strain and help with chores around the house. It can also help make seniors more secure in their environment. Learn about the benefits of having a roommate and how it can make a positive impact.

Provides Companionship

Loneliness can quickly set in for anyone as they age. But for seniors who have just lost a loved one or moved away from family, it can be especially challenging. Getting a roommate to move in can help provide daily companionship and bring some fulfillment. This can help to:

  • Improve lifespan
  • Help boost surgical recovery time
  • Prevent onset of dementia
  • Help with depression and feelings of isolation

Relieves Financial Burden

Bringing someone in to help pay household bills and half of the rent can be a huge benefit. For single seniors, making ends meet is often a concern due to limited income and increased costs of living. Having a two-income household provides some wiggle room with bill paying and gives everyone more cash for savings and extracurricular activities.

Assistance With Tasks and Chores

Having someone move in that will help with chores around the house is a plus. Maintaining a home can be a huge responsibility, especially for a senior with some physical limitations. Assisting with tasks can relieve that burden, including:

  • Cooking and shopping
  • Yard work and maintenance
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Meal prep and cooking

Coming up with a mutual to-do list can help take the guesswork out of who does what and make the process smoother.


One of the perils of living alone is that it makes seniors a target for criminals and scam artists. If there’s a second person in the house, these unscrupulous individuals just might think twice before knocking or breaking in. This, in turn, can provide peace of mind to loved ones.

Helpful Takeaways

When taking a close look at seniors having a roommate, consider these takeaways:

  • Ask social workers, friends and family for roommate referrals before doing a public search
  • Set ground rules before signing a lease or any type of agreement
  • Make sure the potential roommate can financially afford to pay their portion of the living expenses
  • Choose someone with a compatible personality to avoid character conflict
  • Give things a trial run before committing fully
  • Check with the homeowner’s association or landlord for final roommate approval

Having a roommate can be rewarding and beneficial in many ways. It’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons first. In the end, comfort and happiness are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!