The Best Advantage For Assisted Living Is…

The Best Thing About Assisted Living is the 24-hour Support

The Peace of Mind Knowing Your Loved One Has 24-Hour Support Is the Best

If you or a loved one needs a bit of extra help with daily living activities but still want to remain independent, one option is assisted living. It allows the individual the freedom to live their lives while still getting access to healthcare and having 24-hour support available. This can relieve some of the burden of worry you might have about them living alone. Find out how assisted living can help your loved ones maintain their independence safely.
Around-the-Clock Help
For most people, it doesn’t take long for the laundry and dishes to pile up. Work and a busy lifestyle can easily get in the way of staying on top of household chores. But, if your loved one has a physical or mental limitation, it can be difficult, if not impossible to complete simple household tasks. This is where the advantages of assisted living come in. There is a staff of workers specifically there to help tidy up and deep clean on a frequent basis. If they’re still able to complete general housekeeping tasks, that’s great! But if help is needed with scrubbing down the shower or vacuuming under the bed, workers are there to help.
Apartment Style Living
When facing any type of physical limitation or need, the worry of keeping up the yard, household projects and getting around the house can seem discouraging. Most assisted living facilities are set up like small apartments. Residents have access to a living area and kitchenette while still having a main community area where they can gather for delicious meals and friendship-building group activities. Some facilities even have a barber and beauty shop for some personalized pampering.
Medical Care Availability
Whether it’s a long-term health issue or just dealing with the after-effects of surgery, it’s important to have access to the right medical care. Doctors may recommend physical therapy or suggest having a visiting nurse in a few times a week. While your loved ones can still do that while living at home, some assisted living facilities have doctors, nurses or other health professionals available around-the-clock to meet any medical needs. This makes it easier to maintain one’s independence and lifestyle.
Social Hour
If fun and socialization are high on your loved one’s priority list, you’ll find that most assisted living facilities make this a focal point. The purpose is to switch from the isolation of a homebound life to one with interactions with others and engagement in healthy activities. In-house entertainment is often available including activities ranging from dancing to comedy shows and everything in between. Casino trips or golf tournament outings are also common options for those wishing to get out and stay active.
There are many pros to your loved ones moving to an assisted living facility. They’ll have more time to enjoy life and spend less time worrying about keeping up with home and yard work and they’ll have ample opportunities to socialize. However, knowing that they’ll have access to support services 24/7 is the best thing. The peace of mind for you and them is a welcome side benefit as well.
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