The Best Free Business Checking Accounts

Sick of having those annoying traditional banks which charge you maintenance fees, have a minimum balance rule, and never cater to your individual banking needs? You’re going to love this! Businesses have been offered free checking accounts from banks. The services that are available at these banks are truly amazing and this is something you should definitely look into especially if you are a business owner looking for financial services that are flexible. Want to do business? Here a number of accounts that you can open:

Azlo Business Banking

The name sounds fancy, but so is the service that they offer. This bank offers free business checking accounts that are ideal for private contractors, freelancers, sole proprietors and small business owners. After you establish the account, you will have the opportunity to utilize a variety of different finance and banking services, including payment processing, third-party integrations, and accounting. Along with the fact that you can check your balance from a user-friendly app on your cell phone, it’s also important to know that there is no minimum balance that is required to keep the account active; in addition, there are no limits on transactions as well. This flexibility is the best you can get.


Another option for a free checking account is Lili and with all the benefits that this banking service brings you will absolutely fall in love with Lili. The service is geared towards a much larger market, particularly those who have side jobs who are trying to add to their full-time job income. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that those who are self-employed or work as freelancers can also make use of this banking service.

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank’s free business check account is great for small/medium-size businesses who do not want to pay any maintenance fees. Take not that the service does have a high monthly transaction limit and also serves those states of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.


Novo means no sweat and no worry, but starting the account will cost you 50 bucks. Though it’s not completely free, the application is easy and it’s ideal if you have a small business or if you are a freelancer looking for somewhere to put your money. This account also comes with a myriad of other world-class financial services that a client can take advantage of.