Taxpayers Foot the Bill Once Again

Taxpayers Foot the Bill Once Again

( – In April, New York City (NYC) Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) ordered thousands of homeless people to be moved to hotels. The Democrat said it was to slow the spread of the coronavirus by providing space to social distance. Now, new reports indicate the taxpayers are footing the bill for the experiment.

According to a Fox News report, roughly 13,000 homeless people are staying in 139 hotels. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) agreed to pay 75% of the cost for the rooms. In other words, American taxpayers are funding this project. The rest of the money is being paid for by NYC residents through their taxes.

That’s not even the worst part; the New York Post reported the city relocated six convicted pedophiles, who are still on parole, to a luxury hotel one block from an elementary school playground.

Not only are taxpayers being forced to pony up the dough for de Blasio’s social experiment, but it could be putting children in danger. It makes you wonder if any of the officials in NYC are thinking about the consequences of their poorly executed plan.

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