Stimulus Stalls as Lawmakers Bicker

Stimulus Stalls as Lawmakers Bicker

( – After a week of tense negotiations, lawmakers adjourned for the weekend with no deal on the next stimulus package. Republicans introduced their version earlier this week, but Democrats weren’t happy with the bill. Now, both sides are blaming one another for their inability to reach an agreement.

On July 31, the extended $600 unemployment benefits came to an end. Many Americans were hoping to see Congress reach an agreement on at least that portion of the bill, but it didn’t happen. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the breakdown was “politics as usual from Democrats” and accused the Left of wanting “all the cards on their side.” He called on lawmakers to “get serious.”

Currently, the GOP is proposing a number of relief options, including direct payments to the American public, money for schools and liability protections for businesses. President Trump has said he thinks the stimulus payments could be “way higher” than the $1,200 we received last time.

The American people are eager to see what lawmakers come up with, However, Congress is going to need to work fast. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many workers are in a tough spot financially. Whatever the government can do to reduce the stress is welcome.

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