Stimulus Coming Soon

Stimulus Coming Soon

( – Are you looking forward to getting your COVID-19 stimulus check in the mail? It will come in handy to pay past due bills and replenish your bank account, although you may have some lingering concerns regarding how and who will get it. Chief Economic Advisor, Larry Kudlow says the money should arrive in a couple of weeks.

Some taxpayers are concerned it still might not be enough to survive the crippling economy, but Kudlow offers a reassuring message on ThisWeekABC:

So where does this leave you? These answers may help ease your mind a bit.

  • Will it affect my unemployment claim? If you’re off work and have filed for unemployment due to COVID-19, it won’t affect your stimulus payment. In fact, you may be eligible for an added $600 bonus along with each unemployment check, explains CBS News. This includes freelancers too!
  • Is there some chance I won’t qualify for the stimulus? The only way you may not qualify is if you owe back child support or you haven’t filed your taxes in the past two years.
  • How much money will I get? Every taxpayer making under $75,000 a year should get a $1,200 payment, with married couples earning below $150,000 maxing out at $2,400. You’ll also qualify for $500.00 per child if you have any dependent children.

Having some reassurance that there will be an influx of money into your bank account can help bring peace of mind. While it can’t eliminate the coronavirus, it can relieve the burdens this pandemic has caused. Have faith; America will prevail.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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