Stimulus Check: Possible Round Two on Table

Stimulus Check: Possible Round Two on Table

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt a lot of Americans. Fortunately, President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers are working hard to mitigate the damage. In March, Congress and the president passed the CARES Act to provide direct aid through stimulus payments to citizens. The treasury secretary is now indicating there could be a second round of checks.

On June 10, during testimony before Congress, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) asked Secretary Steven Mnuchin what he’d put in the next COVID-19 bill if he could. The Trump official said he’d give more direct aid to the American people. He also told senators that the administration is “seriously looking at” whether to send more stimulus payments.

Lawmakers are still trying to iron out the details, and they can’t even guarantee we’ll see another round of checks. However, at a time like this, any little bit would help. It’s nice to know President Trump is looking out for working class Americans who are struggling right now. Even if the payments don’t come to pass, we know he’s considering all of the options.

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