Generating Spare Time Income is Easiest With…

Generating Spare Time Income is Easiest With
Generating Spare Time Income is Easiest With


Smart Quiz: Generating Spare Time Income is Easiest With…

  • Access to a Vehicle
  • Having a Spare Room
  • Possessing Skills
  • All of them

Answer: All of Them

There are more side gig opportunities available now than ever before, which means there are more ways than ever to create additional income in your spare time. Odds are you already have a skill set that’s valuable to the side-gig marketplace.

How to Choose a Side Gig

Let’s talk about existing resources and how they can bring in some extra cash. Existing skills, a vehicle, or a spare room in the house all have their own potential. The key is finding that potential and putting it to use in a way that brings in some cash and maybe even brings some extra joy with it.

List the things you already know how to do, like to do, or are simply really good at. Include your hobbies, things you may have learned on the job, and even things you don’t know a lot about but have always been interested in. Do any of these things appeal to you or feel like something you wouldn’t mind spending extra time on each week?

Look Beyond Cash

A side gig can bring in much more than cash. It can bring personal satisfaction, if you look in the right direction. Perhaps you worked on a drill press for 20 years and then you retired. Does that mean you want to spend the rest of your life doing it, just because you know how?

What are you looking for, aside from cash? Need some company? Renting out a room or transporting people from place to place might put a smile on your face. Dying to get in some quality time in the craft room? Sell your crafts and/or start a class to teach others the skills that you enjoy using so much.

Remember, this is a side gig, and it’s on your terms. Make the most of it. Settle on the resources you want to use, and put it to work for you.

Turning Resources Into Paychecks

Not sure if your side gig is viable as an income producer? Make a list of about a dozen family members and friends and tell them about your idea. Does it seem like something they’d be interested in? Gauge their responses and input as you weigh the pros and cons of the side gig options you’re considering.

Side Gig Ideas and Opportunities

Want to dive right in? Here are some side gigs you could launch within a few days:

  • Drive for Uber or Lyft – or both. All you have to do to get started is fill in their online applications and wait for approval. Be prepared to provide personal details including your driver’s license number, proof of vehicle registration, and proof of car insurance. You should receive an update on your application within 48 hours.
  • Love animals? Register on and offer pet care services ranging from simple dog walking to doggy daycare and dog boarding. You can even house-sit or do drop-ins to check on pets who prefer their own environments.
  • EatWith is a new website anyone with stellar cooking skills. Sign up to be a host and then create food-based events right from your home.
  • Put your love of the written word to work by joining sites like or Upwork or by searching sites like You can write blogs, articles, essays, and on-site web content. Choose a few top niches, write a sample or two for each, and start applying.
  • Have a degree? Become an online tutor and work around your own schedule. Sites like QKids, Chegg, and are always looking for new talent. Check them out and see if your area of expertise qualifies.

Teach a new skill, build a website, sell stock photography, build an Etsy store, start a wedding planning business. There are dozens of side-gig opportunities for those willing to learn and grow. Make your list, narrow down your ideas, and start building your future!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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