Some Tips to Help You Save This New Years Eve

Another year has come and gone; now it is time to celebrate the new year to come. The worst thing about New Year’s Eve is that no one can afford it. As much as you would love to have a blow-out, you just do not have the money for it.  But, what if we told you that there were ways that you can save money this New Year’s Eve? This article will tell you about different tips that you can do to save a few dollars on New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry; you will still have a good time, counting down the new year.

It Is Possible To Save Money For This New Year’s Eve, But How?

You can save money for New Year’s Eve; it is actually not that hard. There are so many small things that you can do for your New Year’s Eve celebration that will not affect your budget. You can look for free entertainment, instead of buying a ticket. If you really want to attend a certain event, then you can buy tickets early or at the very last minute. In case you are the host, you can always turn your party into a potluck and buy your own booze party. That will definitely save money on your end. Additionally, you can save money with homemade decorations.

Look for Free Entertainment

It might sound like a lot of fun for you to go to a fancy party and count down to the next year. But, you should look for cheaper options where you do not need to blow your budget on a good time. Fun can be free. There are local community centers and groups that host events for New Year’s Eve. If you want to find parties and events, then you can look through Facebook groups or your local newspaper. You will be able to save money on admission fees and still have a good time. If you can not find any local events or parties nearby, then look for firework shows or music events that you can attend.

Buy Tickets Early or At The Last Minute

Did you forget to buy a ticket for New Year’s Eve? Have your friends just started planning for New Year’s Eve and you do not know where to go? If that is the case, then you will probably pay full price for the tickets. Paying full price for tickets can be really expensive. This is why you should think about purchasing your tickets really early or at the very last minute. You might get really anxious with the idea of buying a ticket at the last minute, but it will be worth it. Some people tend to back out of their tickets and put them up for resale. With resale prices, they are normally cheaper than full prices. Just look up on social media for tickets and see what you find.

Consider Replacing The Bubbly With Prosecco

Are you in charge of hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year? Did you secretly panic because of all of the money you would spend on the party? If you are the host for this New Year’s Eve, then you should try your best  to cut corners. The best way to cut corners is by replacing champagne with Prosecco. Everyone knows that bubbly is the drink of choice for New Year’s Eve celebrations. But, Prosecco is a good alternative, not to mention cheaper. Additionally, you can stock up on liquor bottles, since there are discounted prices on bulk bottles. Make sure to go to a liquor store and ask if there are any additional discounts for buying bottles in bulk.

Think About Having a Potluck Party

Maybe you should think about having a potluck party and relieving the burden of paying for everything. If you want to save a few bucks, then you should tell your guests to bring their favorite dishes to your New Year’s Eve party. Also, you will save preparation time and can focus on the party. When you make your own food, then you can ensure its quality and avoid any allergy mishaps with your guests. Simply put, a potluck party is cheaper for you and your guests will eat whatever they want. They won’t mind cooking, if they really like you.

Or, Think About Telling Your Guests To Get Their Own Liquor

One of the best things you can do to save money for New Year’s Eve is serve light refreshments. Buying liquor for a party can take a lot out of your pockets. This is why you should consider telling your guests to bring their own liquor and turn your party into a Buy Your Own Booze (BYOB) party. You will be saving yourself some money and your guests will be able to choose the bottles they want to celebrate with. Again, your guests will not mind. Additionally, make sure that you offer finger food to your guests, rather than a full meal.

Go For a Rented Outfit Rather Than Buying One

Buying an outfit for New Year’s Eve sounds exciting, especially if you want to make a statement. But, the truth is that you will probably buy an outfit that you will wear once. This is why you should think about renting an outfit, rather than buying one. You will find an outfit that will make you stand out. But, you will not need to pay a large amount of money for it. If you insist on buying a new outfit for New Year’s Eve, then you should think about buying a vintage outfit. Just make sure that you take it to the dry cleaners before the big party.

Go Easy On The Party Decorations

It is time to get creative. Rather than spending a large part of your party budget on decorations, you can go for the alternatives. You can make decorations at home that are just as nice. The only difference is that you will not have to pay a lot of money. Remember, you will probably use the decorations for this New Year’s Eve party and maybe the one after that. This means that you do not need to go all out on decorations. Look through Do-It-Yourself videos that will take you on a step-by-step guide on making New Year’s Eve decorations.

Don’t Forget The Post-Party Ride Home

If you are not the host and you are going to a party across town, then you should remember that you need to eventually go home. Set money aside to cover your post-party ride home. If you plan on going home with a ride-hailing application, then make sure that you share your ride with your friends. Better safe than sorry, right? You can also take the subway or a bus, depending on where you are. This means that you need to set money aside for that, too. Even if your friends are having a party close by, New Year’s Eve can be crazy. So, make sure you have money for a ride home, just in case.

Party At Home Instead of Partying All Night Out

Imagine having a pajama party and spending your New Year’s Eve with friends and in sweatpants. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Wouldn’t you rather spend New Year’s Eve with your loved ones, all cozy? Consider having a house party where you are staying home with your friends in your pajamas. No one said that New Year’s Eve should be wild and crazy. You can have a mellow night in and still have a good time. If your friends are interested in a chill night, then take out your fancy pajamas and celebrate New Year’s Eve in casual wear.

Take Advantage of the Technology You Have

If you plan on hosting a New Year’s Eve, then you will probably need help. You can use applications that will offer cash back on different things you buy. There are applications that offer cash back on party favors and snacks. If you plan on flying to another destination for New Year’s Eve, then you should use an application that will help you find the best prices for your flight. These applications will make your New Year’s Eve more enjoyable and help you prepare better. Not to mention, you will save money on the discounts these applications offer.

What Can You Do To Make Next Year Even Better?

You might not have planned this year well, but there is always next year to make up for it. If you want to start planning for next year, then you can start planning now. Planning ahead will help you have a great New Year’s Eve, next year. You will be able to have fun and not worry about your finances during the party. Additionally, you can save money with these tips and have a great New Year’s Eve party for this year and next year. Another thing you can do is set aside some money each month and use it for the New Year’s Eve party.


In conclusion, you can save money and still have a good time. If you want to spend your New Year’s Eve at an event, then you should look for free entertainment. On the other hand, if you have a specific event or party that you want to attend, then make sure you buy tickets early or at the last minute. If you are responsible for hosting a New Year’s Eve party, then turn it into a potluck and BYOB party. The most important thing you should do is have fun and enjoy counting down until midnight!