Soldiers Taken for $11.3M Ride by Army Vets

Soldiers Taken for $11.3M Ride by Army Vets

( – When a person joins the military, they promise to defend the country against all enemies. That’s not an oath most members forget when they retire. Unfortunately, a couple of Army veterans are being accused of doing just that in Texas.

Last month, military investigators obtained warrants to seize the money from 10 bank accounts and over 20 vehicles from a married couple, Cristine Fredericks and Kevin Pelayo, in Killeen, TX. The retired sergeants allegedly ran a transportation scheme that used soldiers’ personal information to defraud the Army out of $2.3 million to $11.3 million.

According to authorities, the alleged fraud took place when Pelayo set up a company that offered soldiers rides to and from Fort Hood. They believe he made $255 to $265 a month from each military member he signed up, starting in 2014, but many of them weren’t even stationed on the Texas base.

CBSDFW’s report about the alleged crime was shocking.

As of now, no charges have been filed against the couple. When asked about his role in the alleged crimes, Pelayo refused to comment, saying he had to speak to his lawyers.

To have two former service members allegedly steal from their fellow soldiers and taxpayers is almost beyond comprehension. If proven, this is a horrendous breach of trust to their country and fellow Americans.

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