Sneaky Scams Served by Fast Food Restaurants

Sneaky Scams Served by Fast Food Restaurants

( – It’s no secret corporations are a little shady sometimes. The fast food industry is no different. You might be amazed by some of the tricks they use to give you less, so they can make more.

Here are some of the ways consumers might be getting scammed by companies:

  • Some former McDonald’s workers claim they were trained to pinch the fry containers so fewer French fries made it in the box. In 2017, the company denied the allegations.
  • Grilled food isn’t always actually grilled. In some cases it’s precooked, and fake char lines are added to the meat.
  • The decaf coffee you’re drinking might just be regular coffee watered down.
  • Bowls and cups of soup could be the same size, but the shapes of the containers might have you thinking one is larger.

Watch this video and check out some other alleged tricks.

Like everything else, it’s important to pay attention to your receipts. Also, check over your food before you leave. If you notice something is emptier than it should be, don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself.

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