Shopping Online? Get Ready for This

Shopping Online? Get Ready for This

( – With half the planet under quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic, being home is a given for many of us. Stores and restaurants are closed, and there’s not much to do to pass the time. Why not do a little online shopping? You won’t have a problem everywhere, but this bout of social distancing and self-isolating might make it harder to get some items. Here are a few reasons why.

Workers Are Going on Strike

The effects of coronavirus recently became a reality for online giant, Amazon, when an employee tested positive for the virus at the DTW5 warehouse in Detroit. Many workers feel they’re putting their health at risk by being there, fearing the facility isn’t being sanitized enough against COVID-19. Workers at Amazon’s JFK8 warehouse in Staten Island are threatening to do a sick-out strike.

Because more employees are off sick or taking care of loved ones, the workload is more demanding. This could affect how quickly you’re able to get the goods you just ordered online.

Availability Might Be Reduced

Many smaller online businesses have temporarily shut down due to local stay-at-home orders. Some might be able to fulfill orders remotely, but others have closed to help stop the spread of the virus. Even if your favorite retailer is open, you still may have a hard time finding what you need due to reduced product availability. Current restrictions are making replenishing shelves impossible for some companies. This may put items on backorder for several weeks or months.

While everyone is doing their part to inhibit the growth of the virus, a good portion of the world has come to a standstill. Remember, this is only temporary. We will get back to a bustling commerce before you know it.

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