See How These 4 Crowdfunding Platforms Make Life Easier

( Are you an aspiring entrepreneur but you’re short on money? Well, if you plan to open a business, crowdfunding offers you a solution. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to be an entrepreneur to use crowdfunding. People can do online campaigns for all types of reasons, such as raising funds for personal needs, causes they believe in, or even to promote a new product or idea. Whatever it may be, what you need is the crowdfunding platform that suits you, and today we have decided to save you from having to go through the time-consuming process of searching for the right platform. Here are the top four that we think are really worth considering.


Nothing could be better for a startup than to find an innovative crowdfunding platform that has all the features it needs to grow and prosper. SeedInvest truly lives up to its name in providing the fertile environment for startups to promote their ideas and attract investors in an online platform. So far, the platform has successfully assisted over 200 startups by attracting up to  300,000 investors.

All you have to do is complete an application and have your application go through a screening process. When that’s done, you are all set to begin attracting investors. You should know in advance that SeedInvest will charge you a 5% equity fee and a 7.5% placement fee.


For aspiring entrepreneurs and future business owners, StartEngine would a great choice as a crowdfunding platform not only for its sophistication and innovative nature but also for the fact that it accepts small contributions as low as 100 bucks. So, it’s beneficial for those seeking investments and those aspiring to start investing in potentially profitable business projects. The fact that it attracts small contributions also serves in attracting more people who want to invest because of the extra flexibility. Designed to be both user-friendly and informative, investors will be able to easily access essential information about the company that they want to invest in, including price per share, the total value of investments collected, and anything else that would be considered a priority to know. Being that the platform already assisted 375 companies, StartEngine should definitely be a top candidate for you.


As a truly global crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo works in up to 235 countries and it’s not just ideal for entrepreneurs, but for those who also want to promote innovative ideas and products. It goes without saying that this platform is a good starting point. With an easy application process, your campaign should be a maximum of 60 days long and any money you make will be charged platform fees and processing fees. There are also promotional features that are on social media as well. Your earning will be accessible in your bank within 15 days.


GoFundMe is a platform that is for everyone, and the real wisdom behind it is that it is inclusive, and you can use it for anything from helping struggling businesses to funding a cause that you believe in. It’s also great for supporting charity and helping citizens in need. Successfully managing to attract $9 billion, this platform is no joke, but it stands as a commitment towards attracting funds for good causes. Users who initiate campaigns on this platform don’t have any time limit.

Care to start? Well, the process is simple. When you start a campaign, simply put all the details you need to add such as who you are raising money for, what cause, why, and you can even use images as part of the campaign. Then, you can mention how much money you want to raise for a certain cause.

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