When are Seniors Most Vulnerable to Scams?

When are Seniors Most Vulnerable to Scams
When are Seniors Most Vulnerable to Scams

(FinancialHealth.net) – There are con men working just about every industry these days and sadly, people over 65 are their prime targets — especially when considering large purchases. Con artists use every trick in the book to try to sell seniors things they won’t use or don’t even need at prices that are, well… just plain criminal.

Only diligent online research can protect you. If that statement concerns you, get some help from a trusted friend or family member to help research the purchase you are considering.

To protect yourself, read lots of reviews, get several estimates, and only make a purchase decision after all the facts are in. If you are feeling pressure to make a fast decision, con men can smell it a mile away and can take advantage of you more easily.

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