Restaurant Chains Due to Slim Down

Restaurant Chains Due to Slim Down

( – The restaurant industry has taken a massive hit, the COVID-19 pandemic hurting businesses and employees alike. Many food establishments and chains are closing their doors entirely or reeling their expansions back in.

Earlier this year, Souplantation (Sweet Tomatoes) announced it was closing its doors. Some Americans took the news hard.

The buffet-style restaurant isn’t the only one that ran into trouble. Here are some of the other chains that announced closures:

  • Starbucks is closing 400 locations, but the company is expanding locations that do curbside, mobile and “drive-thru” pickup.
  • Steak ’n Shake is permanently closing more than 50 restaurants.
  • Subway has been closing locations across the country for a couple of years, and more are expected to shut their doors in 2020. An exact number is not known.
  • TGI Fridays is closing roughly 20% of its restaurants.
  • Denny’s is permanently shutting 15 locations.

That’s just a few of the businesses that are slimming down or shuttering completely. Anytime we lose jobs, it’s not great news. Fortunately, President Trump is always looking for new ways to help workers and business owners survive tough times.

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