POTUS Hopeful As States Continue Counting Votes

(FinancialHealth.net) – It’s become clear over the past few days – especially last night – that the country has underestimated the amount of support Donald Trump has. While the final results are unclear, it seems as though President Trump is positioned relatively well.

We’ve pulled together a collection of pieces summarizing yesterday’s events:

Trump Hopeful as States Scramble To Count Votes – Our friends at United Voice take a close look at Trump’s current odds in the quest to win re-election.

Lindsey Graham Defeats Democratic Challenger With Deep Pockets – While Graham’s challenger raised a massive amount of money in the final campaign quarter, all he managed to prove was money isn’t everything when it comes to winning votes.

Latinos Come Out In Force for Trump – Democrats have traditionally counted on the Latino vote at election time, but the tables seem to have turned.

Twitter Censors Trump Posts About the Election – Not that anyone was surprised, but Twitter pulled yet another stunt, censoring Trump’s post about a PA Supreme Court ruling on voting.

These Mail-In Ballot Policies Keep Americans Waiting – A myriad of different voting rules has delayed final counts, forcing Americans to wait longer than usual for results.

This unusual election cycle has many on edge, but we’ll continue to bring you breaking news and updates as we can.

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