Poll: Should Americans Receive Another Stimulus Check?

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The Results Are In:
73% – YES
27% – NO

(FinancialHealth.net) – Millions of Americans are struggling in the wake of the COVID pandemic, with many still completely out of work or staring down the pending closure of their personal businesses.

While the CARES Act, passed in March, gave every American with a specific adjusted gross income (AGI) a one-time stimulus check, many don’t feel it was enough. As our congressional representatives banter over the next stimulus package, many Americans are left wondering whether or not the next package will include another direct payment and, if so, at what amount.

While no one can say for sure, it appears as though a second check will be a part of the next bill – likely at the same amount, based on the original AGI criteria. That means anyone with an adjusted gross income under $99,000 would receive the $1,200, with special considerations for dependents.

All eyes are on Congress this week as talks continue. We’ll update you as soon as there’s an update!

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