Ouch! He Actually LEFT The State

(FinancialHealth) – Tech genius Elon Musk stunned the world by moving not one, but two positions on list of top billionaires. Now shadowed only by Jeff Bezos, he continues to make impressive strides with both SpaceX and Tesla.

Despite his successes, he and the state of California have had several major disputes throughout 2020. The tech guru has been quoted as saying he feels the San Francisco Bay area holds too much influence. As a result, Musk himself has relocated to Texas and has been spending a great deal of time at the SpaceX launch center.

While he still has several businesses in California, he’s already started building a new Tesla factory in Texas. Governor Newsom is quoted as saying that while the state isn’t the cheapest, he believes California is still the best place to do business. We’ll se if he’s still singing that tune when Tesla, and possibly others, are gone.

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